07:11:10 IRIE REGGAE.. SUGAR MINOTT (Tribute..part 1 and 4).. GAPPY RANKS Interview (part 2)... KYLE KUSHMAN Interview (part 3) all inna Sunday Nite Soundclash STYLEE: Part #2 of #4

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Bless up! www.IPOWERSOUND.com is doing big things...

This past Sundays version of the "Sunday Nite Soundclash" was loaded with action... Kicked the show off with an irie tune by the irie SINGJAY outta Arcata, CA MADI SIMMIONS..  called POSITIVE FLOW ...

1st off.... Bless up to the KING ... the one and only SUGAR MINOTT Veteran singer, songwriter, musician and producer Sugar Minott - born Lincoln Barrington Minott - from Kingston, Jamaica has been a driving force in pioneering the creation of reggae music. Contributing his indoctrination to the reggae music from growing up near a dancehall where some of the best sounds of the day used to play. Passed away this past Saturday July 10th in Kingston Jamaica. Sugar was scheduled to perform at the 2010 Reggae on the River Festival this weekend in Humbolt California.

THIS Week PLAYED A TRIBUTE with some wicked DEEP TRACKS... sure you will love.. You can check it out HERE!

Also, I had the opportunity to catch up with GAPPY RANKS the UK up and coming international REGGAE ARTIST... I was able to speak to him with and talk about his up and coming release "PUT THE STEREO ON" ... Dropped in the Gappy Rank tunes: "Put the Stereo On", "Mountain Top", "Heaven in Her Eyes"... I know you will digg up on the GAPPY RANKS TUNES..

Finally... I had a call in from KYLE KUSHMAN  who was the former Cultivation Reporter and Journalist for High Times he now lives in Mendocino County in Northern California.  KYLE will be speaking at the 2010 Central Coast Cannabis Symposium which will be held July 18th at the SLO Vets Hall in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Kyle plans to launch his seed company, Kushman Seeds, with original strains such as Adonai Kush, Cherry Choke, and Jurassic Haze. Kyle is also presently teaching advanced horticulture classes at both Oaksterdam University in Oakland, and Peace in Medicine Healing Center in Sebastopol. Spreading the word on a new grow method he calls "Veganics".

Like I said.. BIG show with lots of info.

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As Always.. Stay BLESSED!