02:13:11 "VALENTINES DAY lovers edition .. the NIGHT NURSE... brings the LOVE and her IRIE FRIENDS.. this is BABY MAKING MUSIC" presented by IPOWER SOUND part 1 of 4

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LOVE is inna di air as the Valentines Day is tomorrow... Who is out there with their special LOVE? .. who is out there looking for their special LOVE? who lost a LOVE? Any way we look at it we know LOVE in the LIGHT for all mankind.


As you probably could have guessed, being that Valentines Day is tomorrow.. This weeks "SUNDAY NITE SOUNDCLASH" episode is turbo charged with 100% IRIE LOVE TUNES from the foundation to what is the current flavor spreading over JAMAICA.


So what is Valentines like in Jamaica?


Valentines Day in Jamaica is associated with a lot of activities.

On Valentines Day in Jamaica, the citizens of Jamaica take part in the various activities and events that are organized in Jamaica for the occasion of Valentines Day.. The place to be in Jamaica on Valentines Day is the Montego Bay. People from all over the world gather at Jamaica to witness and to be a part of the Valentine celebrations that takes place in Montego Bay. Beach parties are organized at the Montego Bay, on Valentines Day that is accompanied with drinks and music.

The restaurants of Montego Bay offer special food especially for couples on Valentines Day. The Montego Bay as well as other parts of Jamaica are adorned with lights for the occasion of Valentines Day. The people of Jamaica prefers to spend the Valentines Day by either joining in the Valentine celebrations of Jamaica or prefers to spend the day with their friends, family members and relatives or likes to spend the day with their Valentine at a resort, to remain aloof from all the din and bustle of the Valentine celebrations of Jamaica.

Valentines Day celebrations in Jamaica are unlike the Valentine celebrations that take place in the other parts of the world. The hotels of Jamaica offer special packages for the occasion of Valentines Day.


Throughout the week I will be posting four portions of the weeks episode... LOVE is going to be in the air ALL WEEK LONG... So please, download listen and share... the link at www.IPOWERSOUND.com


Staring the LOVE edition off right... I came in with the COOL RULER.. talking about his NITE NURSE... which has just been posted for download at www.IPOWERSOUND.com ... this is a 100% VINYL MIX.